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Give peace a chance.

Flowers on We Heart It.

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yoyoyoyoyo236 asked: how old are you? are you single?

18 and no im taken :)

Anonymous asked: You're beautiful. Do you have a bf?

yes i have a boyfriend

Peace Of Art (by irieee3mclean)

Peace Of Art (by irieee3mclean) Check out this Vlog my friend did on my new website


I’m a sucker for a curvy blonde. Elly mayday is the cat’s meow.

my inspiration <3

fucking. beautiful. i cant. even. omg. my absolute idol for loving who i am&#8230;. &lt;3 elly


By Natasha 

stunning…. ugh. this is exactly where i want to be

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Elly Mayday 

absolute perfection.